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The Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS

The Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS was founded in 1988 on the basis of the inter-government agreement between the USSR and Italy as the first independent executive development center in the emerging market of the Russian business education. The founders of MIRBIS are the Plekhanov Economic Academy of Russia and the Italian Economic and Research Society NOMISMA.

MIRBIS is a self-reliant, non-governmental, not-for-profit private educational institution of higher education and post-experience management development. It has State licenses of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science for educational activity, research and consultancy and for delivering undergraduate and postgraduate (including MBA) and PhD research programmes, as well as professional and post-experience management development courses in Economics, Management, Business Administrations, International Business, Finance and other areas.

In 2004 MIRBIS became the first non-state independent business school in Russia that was accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA). Since 2006 MIRBIS has been the only business school which has international accreditations for all its academic programmes apart from the MBA, its Bachelor degree courses are accredited by the EFMD-EPAS, and Master degrees have the accreditation of the AMBA MBM.

MIRBIS has been recognized to be one of the top 3 Business Schools in Russia and in the latest rankings of 2008 - Employers Satisfaction and Career development of graduates it is put at the top of the league list of Russian Business schools. In 2008 it was recognized to be the second most internationally influential and popular business school in Russia by an independent experts agency in academic education EDUNIVERSAL.


In 1995 MIRBIS Institute started to train students on international programs of higher economic education. In cooperation with leading Russian and British partner institutions educational programs of dual diploma were developed which means that after finishing your program you can get the diploma of MIRBIS Institute, the diploma of the Russian Academy of Civil Service or the Plekhanov Academy of Economics (it depends on your program) and in case of successful study in the partner institution Master diploma of British, US or European university. These programs differentiate higher education of the Institute and are always in demand among school leavers.

MIRBIS Institute is a leader in business education and constantly takes top lines in the ratings of Russian business school being an expert in mass media.

At present the Institute offers about 20 programs of higher economic and managerial education. We plan to turn our traditional Russian system of education based on training for specialties into the two-level Bologna system. Graduates of Bachelor of Economics/Management program can continue their education both under the program of Specialist and the program of Master.

The aim of the Bachelor of Arts program is to train specialists in the field of economics and management with a wide range of specializations which are in demand both in governmental bodies and in home and foreign business.

After finishing four-year program and getting the degree of Bachelor of Economics/Management MIRBIS Institute offers the following alternatives:

  • to master specialization and get the diploma of specialist with higher education (1 year)
  • to get a higher degree of education Master (two years, enrolment on the basis of competition).


The Moscow Business School MIRBIS Master of Management is a programme of professional management education, which provides a theoretically grounded coverage of key conceptual and practical developments across a wide range of management disciplines of specialization, including

  • Strategic and Corporate Management
  • International Business Management
  • Finance Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Project Management

MIRBIS offers to continue education on Master programs in partner-universities in Great Britain, to study without leaving Russia with the help of lecturers from British Universities or by distance learning (dual diploma system).

The goal of Master programs is to train highly-qualified professionals possessing theoretical, analytical and applied knowledge and skills for modern Russian and international business who will be able to adapt quickly to its conditions, to assess effectively the situation and take successful steps towards set objectives.


MIRBIS MBA program got the international accreditation Association of MBAs (AMBA) which proves the high quality of training and the authority of the school. Alumni of MIRBIS MBA are entitled to become members of this association. To do that it is necessary to register at the site of the Association. The high level of training is also confirmed by students and graduates of the program. The students can choose the duration of the programme and one of many specializations:

  • MBA Strategic management and entrepreneurship
  • MBA Marketing
  • MBA Finance management
  • MBA Banking and investment management NEW!
  • MBA Telecom
  • MBA Management of highly technological innovative projects NEW!
  • MBA IT management NEW!
  • MBA Management of medical business (it is possible to take a specialization block separately)
  • MBA HR management (it is possible to take a specialization block separately)
  • MBA Production management (it is possible to take a specialization block separately)
  • MBA Management in oil and gas business
  • MBA Management in investment and construction business (it is possible to take a specialization block separately)
  • MBA Management in hospitality business
  • MBA General management ( distance training)

After graduation:

  • State diploma of further education with granting the qualification of Master of Business Administration
  • In case certain conditions are fulfilled the diploma of MBA of London Metropolitan University
  • Students also have a chance to get the professional diploma of the Institute of Commercial Management (Great Britain) if they pass the exam on specialization. The professional ICM diploma gives an opportunity to work in 62 countries of the world.


MIRBIS Executive MBA program aims at training top managers, managing directors, executives and/or owners of companies. The goal of the program is to structure the experience and knowledge of students, shape and develop strategic vision, strategic approach to problem solving in conditions of risk and uncertainty in Russian business which can be attained due to high quality of training, using the most advanced forms of business education, active forms of training and experience exchange in small homogeneous teams.

Mastering technologies of strategic management can allow to organize the efficient system of management, to carry out structural changes in company, identify priorities of investment policy, to increase the market share, to take a leading position and to get a corresponding growth in potential and market value of the company.

Leadership strategy:

To make a strategic choice and realize your plans it is necessary to observe the following five principles of success:

  1. To be a leader
  2. To respond to changes on market
  3. To draw people keen on success in joint projects
  4. To use the systematic approach in managing the company
  5. To use at most the distinctive possibilities and competitive advantages of the company

The document of education: state diploma of further education with granting the qualification Master of Business Administration.

Presidential Program

The formation of new Russian economy requires changes in structures and processes of management. Due to understanding the importance of the problem of managerial cadre training for enterprises and economy of the country in general the President of the Russian Federation signed the decree About Training Managerial Cadre for Organizations of National Economy in the Russian Federation .

The aim of the program is to form the managerial potential capable of developing all industries of Russian economy.

The participation in the program of training managerial personnel can give students an opportunity:

  • to take a special course of training and get vocational knowledge
  • to take part in trainings in the leading Russian and overseas enterprises
  • to be included into the specialized federal information database in order to be used for shaping the federal and regional cadre reserve.

Within the frames of the presidential program consortiums for training managerial staff in regions of the Russian Federation were set up. Applicants shall pass the process of selection in the regional divisions of the Commission through assessing their professional level and the volume of economic and managerial knowledge as well as skills of using the foreign language.



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